Respect Representatives Wanted - Worldwide 

Job Function: Sales
Employment Classification: Regular Part Time


Do you like living paycheck to paycheck? Do you enjoy seeing everyone but yourself getting rich quick? Those people were once also losers, but not anymore!

We are currently looking for Dick to Dick Representatives in your area.

The Dick to Dick Representative works autonomously to focus on developing new clients across the globe. A high emphasis is placed on increasing the visibility of the Dick to Dick brand and making us billions of dollars more using somewhat unethical sales tactics (aka lying, deceiving,  and delivering false hope).

What we’re looking for:

Desire to build a career in sales
No experience necessary since we provide the training
An intense competitive spirit with an assertive, confident personality
Strong sense of urgency and commitment to achieving results
A lack of morals, ethics and emotional feelings 
Excellent communication skills
Ability to give us $10,000 to invest in our continuing education program 

What you’ll do:

100% focused on selling respect to executives, little old ladies on fixed incomes, and those desperate for a better life
Identifying anyone whom you think will give us  money for a certificate

Targeting single parents of three children that may need money for food

Special Requirements:

Must be an American citizen (no illegals)
Ability to lie so frequently, you actually believe your own lies
Ability to come up with $10,000 to invest in our continuing education program

Some Perks:

For every $25,000 license you sell, you will get to keep 50%.

This job is commissioned based so you decide how much you want to work. All you have to do is give us the $10,000 up front.

For every person you recruit to become a sales rep for us, we will give you 10% of their sales for the first year. $10,000 continuing education fee not included.

Dick to Dick is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a diverse workforce*. Dick to Dick® is a registered trademark of Dick to Dick LLC. All Rights Reserved.

*Muslims, Mexicans and Women are highly suggested not to apply. We do not discriminate; but if we did, it would be nearly impossible to prove.