Giving back

At Dick to Dick LLC, founder Drew Dogan III and his team believe that true success is about more than destroying the world for money; this top-notch group of professionals devotes countless hours each year to tax deductible charitable causes that effect diverse populations negatively. From serving papers to families losing their homes to sponsoring studies to debunk climate change, Dick to Dick LLC is committed not just to destroying lives for money, but the Earth as well. 

About Dick to Dick LLC

Veteran business guru Drew Dogan III started Dick to Dick LLC in 2011 after spending nearly 20 years bankrupting Multi-Million Dollar companies for his own personal gain. Since he launched Dick to Dick LLC, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, Drew and his experienced team of business professionals manage a robust portfolio for clients nationwide. The company also gives back to other wealthy Executives in which it does business through a wide range of philanthropic endeavors.