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From the Heiress of the Dick to Dick fortune comes the greatest book ever written (by a woman). 

"Believe me, anyone who doesn't like this book is fake news, a liar, or hates America. God Bless" - Drew Dogan III

Destroying the world and humanity for personal gain is a monumental endeavor. Dick to Dick LLC provides the professional and technical expertise necessary to ensure nothing inhibits your ability to succeed. Whether it's hiding scientific data, covering up hundreds of deaths, or "donating" to a politician or judge so you can change a law, Dick to Dick LLC is there for you. At Dick to Dick we believe that life is not about money, it's about hoarding money you didn't earn at the expense of others. Contact us today!


Don't be confused by other Dick to Dick sites, we're the only one that sells respect. There is a limited supply, so touch the tip and start getting the respect your title deserves!


Dick to Dick LLC Book:


Got a contract? Need to buy a politician, the Media, or a law? Dick to Dick Executive Consulting is the website for you. If you are interested in buying God, please contact us for today's Market Price.